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When you’ve been fired without just cause, denied employment for any reason protected under the law, or have other disputes with your employer, you need an attorney who understands labor law inside and out. William J. Gagliardino has years of experience representing clients on both sides of labor disputes.

Labor Law Violations in Pennsylvania

Labor law in Pennsylvania covers multiple aspects of the employment contract between employer and employee. These included minimum wages, working hours, overtime pay, break periods, workplace safety and the rights of both employees and employers. When an employer is in violation of these laws, workers have recourse within the legal system. Taking a violating employer to court is sometimes the only means an employee has of making sure his or her rights are being upheld in the workplace.

Legal Actions by Employees in Pennsylvania

While an employer may very well be in violation of the labor laws of the state, it’s also possible employees may be mistaken about their rights in the workplace or an employer’s motives for terminating them, or not hiring them. If an employee believes they have been wrongfully terminated or denied employment for a reason protected under discrimination laws, an employer requires legal representation with labor law experience to build a case against the employee’s allegations. A convincing case can prevent the employer from having to pay fines or a settlement for an invalid claim made by an employee..

Western Pennsylvania Employment and Labor Attorney

William J. Gagliardino represents clients on both sides of labor disputes. If your employer has violated labor or hiring laws, or your employee has accused you of violating the laws, you stand your best chance of a fair outcome with an attorney. A representative who understands the process can walk you through it from the initial legal filings to trial, if it comes to trial. Based out of Pittsburgh, Mr. Gagliardino serves clients throughout Allegheny County, as well as Beaver, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Fayette, Indiana, Washington and Westmoreland counties.

When it comes to employment disputes, they are rarely cut and dry. While it’s an ideal scenario for employer and employee to come to an agreeable solution without having to involve the courts, legal mediation is the most effective way to ensure that everyone is following the legal statutes and that labor law violations are rectified to the satisfaction of all parties involved.