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William J. Gagliardino – Pennsylvania Attorney

A leader in personal injury law in the Pittsburgh area for over two decades, William J. Gagliardino offers an array of legal services through the Law Offices of William J. Gagliardino, Esq. In addition to providing representation for personal injury clients, he also offers assistance to those dealing with complicated employment issues and insurance coverage matters.  If you are in need of a talented and trustworthy legal representative, look no further than the Law Offices of William J. Gagliardino, Esq. Pittsburgh attorney William Gagliardino will work tirelessly to secure a successful resolution for your case.

Practice Areas At The Law Offices of William J. Gagliardino

William J. Gagliardino works with clients who have experienced profound physical, emotional and financial suffering due to car accidents, defective products, premises liability, work place accidents and more. Although the details of each case may differ greatly, William Gagliardino’s clients all share the same desire for justice. In addition to holding wrongful parties accountable, this respected personal injury lawyer can assist with the securing of compensation for his clients’ suffering.

William J. Gagliardino also provides legal services for employers and employees in employment disputes, insurnace coverage disputes and various types of business litigation issues.  He is willing and able to help clients solve these and other legal problems through arbitration, mediation or litigation. William Gagliardino’s impressive background in all of these areas allows him to provide the targeted representation his clients desire.

William J. Gagliardino: A Trusted Pittsburgh Attorney

William J. Gagliardino spent nearly two decades establishing a stellar representation at Gilardi, Oliver & Lomupo. For the last 12 years William Gagliardino has owned and operated his own law firm, a move that has allowed him to build even closer relationships with this valued clients. A compassionate lawyer, William Gagliardino takes time to understand the unique needs of his clients. From there, he takes a proactive approach to personal injury, employment cases, insurance disputes and businss litigation, offering aggressive representation both in and out of the courtroom. His commitment to success is greatly respected and admired by the Pittsburgh community. If you require legal advice or representation from one of the area’s finest attorneys, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Law Offices of William J. Gagliardino, Esq.